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History of the Siltie People

The Silite people have never been beneficial of any meaningful development activities and opportunities as the rest of Ethiopian nation and nationalities under the different regimes and agreement systems before the prevalence of a democratic system in Ethiopian. Especially the level of social service provisions live Education Health, Clean water , and the Expansion and development of infrastructures and roads were the main sectors to which the Silite people deprived of and never enjoyed.

Nonetheless, that fact has been changed dramatically since may 1991 and the ushering in of the new democratic system in Ethiopian following the change of the government system and the establishment of a democratic system in Ethiopia the people of Silite have arrested the respect of there democratic rights and freedoms as the rest of Ethiopian people.

Since the both the economic and political right, and freedoms of the Silite people have been respected and recognized. Economically the Silite people have benefited from the various infrastructures built by the federal Government. Politically the Silite peoples political rights and freedoms of recognition and self administration according to the federal democratic republic of Ethiopian Constriction’s were respected in 2001 through referendum. The referendum gives the constitutional right of self administration for the Silite people to form its own zone.

The Silite people right after the establishment of the Silite zone have organized themselves in a multitudes of development Associations and engaged in various development Associations and engaged in various development activities to solves it’s key social and economic problems. meanwhile, evenly the Silite people organized themselves, and step by step done a lot of development activities to silne it’s key social and economic problems Non it has realized that it will not achieve it’s goal only by itself without the full support and collaboration of it’s stakeholders.

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